Reflecting on my Digital Identity



Have you ever stopped to think if what you posted last night on social media would impact your future career or your privacy? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading!!!

For all you know,  there could be someone out there who you have no clue existed who knows you better than most of your friends or even your family!


In this blog, I want to reflect on my digital privacy by:

  1. Searching my name on web browsers, apps, and social media
  2. Finding out who can view my profile and data
  3. Attempt to improve my digital privacy by resetting my privacy settings to my liking.

Googling Myself

Upon googling myself, there was only one link out of the first ten that were related to me. This is the case because there is a hawker stall with a similar name to mine and it is more well-known as opposed to me. Frankly, having less hits is a good thing to me as it means that less people will click and look at my profile and personal information accidentally. This will also mean that it is harder for others to obtain my personal information. However, having more hits on Google can have its benefits in the future, especially when you are trying to let yourself be known to the world. For example, if I were to form a company under my name in the future, it would be better if I have more hits as more people will know about the company and this may lead to an increase in sales and profits. My Google-presence may affect my future job prospects as my potential employer may be able to view my profile for social medias and everything on it, this of course includes pictures and posts from the past. I have never known about “Google Alert” so I have never thought about setting it up before.


By clicking on the “view as” section on Facebook,  the following information is available to the public profile

  • photos
  • personal information (where I studied, worked, lived…)
  • friends

This makes me uncomfortable as most of the photos and posts viewed were from many years ago, when I was still ignorant and immature. So, to have someone else see it makes me feel embarrassed. If a potential employer were to see this page, he or she may be put off from the immaturity of the post and this may affect my employment.


I received one inappropriate content alert. Reppler flagged this as inappropriate as the was a swear word within the content. This would be relatively easy to explain to an employer as I was the one who posted the swear word, it was from a stranger who commented on a post I was tagged in, so it has no relation to me whatsoever. Furthermore, I didn’t receive any privacy or security risks from Reppler. This is good as it means that someone nefarious wouldn’t be able to cause harm or inconveniences for me as no security risk means a low chance of having my account hacked.

Facebook Friends

“The Faces of Facebook” doesn’t work

I think Facebook calculates for these through my recent activity on Facebook and the number of times I visit the page, group or person. The list doesn’t surprise me at all as most of the people and pages at the top of the list are things I had recently visited. I will neither be happy or unhappy if the list was shown to my Facebook friends as there is nothing special or bad about the list, it just shows them the sites and people I visit on Facebook recently

Privacy Settings and Tidying Up

Only my friends can see posts that I make in the future. I wouldn’t be happy if everyone on Facebook could see everything I write as it would feel like an invasion of privacy. I would feel the same way if it was friends of friends as it would still be strangers viewing my posts. Everyone can look me up and search engines can link to my timeline and everyone can see my timeline when it is set to On.

A total of 36 apps are listed to having access to my data but I only remember authorising 20 of them. I do no trust all these applications to use my data responsibly as I have never heard or authorised some of the applications at all. If an app was taken over be another company, I would definitely remove the app from Facebook as the previous terms and conditions are no longer valid and the new company may exploit the data for nefarious purposes.







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